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Regimen for Erectile Dysfunction – Review


We recently tried Regimen, a new app that helps men improve or reverse erectile dysfunction though a combination of education, diet changes, exercise, and stress reduction. For a limited time, the company is offering a free assessment of your condition, and 25% off your subscription (use the promotion code EDTREATMENT on the checkout page).

Sign up for Regimen now, or read on for more information on the program!


Medical practice today often relies on targeted therapies – medications, surgery, or even radiation – to treat specific problems. Increasingly, however, patients are seeking holistic solutions, which address medical issues in the context of the individual’s overall health.

This is particularly appropriate for erectile dysfunction, which can be caused by many different underlying conditions, and is often the result of several contributing factors (both physical and psychological).

Regimen offers a holistic self-help program for the treatment of ED. The treatment program is designed to improve mental health, physical health, and knowledge of erectile dysfunction. The content is delivered via an iPhone or Android app (a web version is in the works as well).

The app offers fresh content daily, including:

  • Short articles on the causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction, as well as nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and general health advice.
  • Guided exercise videos focusing on cardiovascular health and pelvic floor strengthening.
  • Breathing and relaxation exercises.
  • Occasional quizzes to reinforce learning.

Workout sessions can be adjusted for length and level of intensity, so you can start the program regardless of your current fitness level. (Consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program.)

The app also includes a function that allows you to track your progress, based on the IIEF (International Index of Erectile Function). According to the company, most men see medically significant results in just 12 weeks.

The Regimen app provides regular reminders and strong motivation to help men make significant lifestyle improvements.

There is ample evidence that lifestyle changes, including diet, exercise, and stress reduction, can help many men improve or even reverse erectile dysfunction (see our article, “Can Diet and Exercise Cure Erectile Dysfunction?”). Regimen provides a guided framework to help men make those changes. It is designed to help you make permanent habit changes in just 12 weeks. The program not only reduces ED, but will also improve your cardiovascular and mental health. In fact, Dr. Stephen Kopecki, Lead Preventive Cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic, says that “Erections are the best way to motivate men to take care of their cardiovascular health.”

The Regimen application is the first CE-certified digital program for treating long-term erectile dysfunction. (CE certification means that a product has met European Union health, safety, and environmental requirements, designed to protect consumers.) Regimen also complies with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the toughest privacy and security law in the world, to make sure that your information is not sold or shared.

The program was created by Dr. Wolf Beecken (leading urologist, former Harvard Medical researcher, and a key clinical advisor for bringing Cialis to the German market), in cooperation with:

  • Dr. Mark Allen, University of Wollongong Globally leading ED researcher. Published leading 2019 umbrella review about ED intervention.
  • Husain Shabeeh, PhD, NHS Cardiologist, London Bridge Hospital. A globally leading expert, working on the intersection of ED and CVE.
  • Debbie Cohen, PhD, Leading pelvic floor expert & practitioner in San Diego, published the leading review about men’s pelvic floor.

The Regimen application is subscription-based. A one-year subscription currently costs $149. There is a free 7-day trial so you can try out Regimen before making a commitment.

The company also has options for in-app purchases, including vacuum pumps for therapeutic use, pycnogeal / L-arginine supplements, and generic sildenafil and tadalafil pills.

Does Regimen Work?

Join Regimen for Erectile Dysfunction
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The Regimen program provides a balanced, holistic approach to addressing many of the issues that can cause erectile dysfunction. It has a clean and professional interface, and it’s fun and easy to use.

As with any self-improvement program, success depends on commitment to the program, and using the app daily. Regimen is an inexpensive and convenient way to make changes that can improve erectile dysfunction, and it has the added bonus of improving your overall health and well-being.

To learn more, visit After a short and informative assessment quiz, you can sign up for the Regimen program. To support our community, Regimen is offering a 25% discount to our users! Enter the promotion code EDTREATMENT on the checkout page.

Once you sign up on the website, you can download the Regimen application for iPhone or Android.

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