Counseling for Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction may be caused by psychological or medical problems, so it’s important for men suffering from ED to see a doctor to diagnose the cause.

However, ED can sometimes be caused by, or worsened by, psychological problems, including:  stress, general anxiety, PTSD, performance anxiety, or relationship issues.

A qualified counselor can help to resolve the psychological causes of ED.

Even men with medical problems will find counseling helpful to deal with the impact of erectile dysfunction (such as loss of self-esteem, relationship problems, or problems with their sex lives). In a recently conducted survey on the impact of ED, 85% of the men who responded said that their condition has had some impact or a major impact on their self-esteem and general happiness, and 80% said that ED has had some impact or a major impact on their relationship with their partner.

Some counselors offer only in-office visits, but many accept remote clients using services such as Skype, Zoom, or VCee.

Our ED Counselor Directory lists many types of counselor who can help you with your concerns. Here is a brief comparison:

Psychiatrists and Psychologists

Both psychiatrists and psychologist often treat deep-seated problems and provide long-term therapy.

A psychiatrist is a Medical Doctor (M.D.) who has graduated from a medical school. In additional to counseling, psychiatrists can prescribe medications to deal with stress or anxiety.

A psychologist has a “doctorate” level degree, but it does not include general medicine. A psychologist cannot prescribe medication.

Licensed Therapists

Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT’s), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW’s), and Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHC’s) hold Masters Degrees; they provide counseling and therapy for individuals, couples, and groups.


Coaches are usually certified by either a university or private training program. Their approach is typically short-term and results oriented; they help you to overcome issues without a deep analysis of their underlying cause.  Coaches may also work with individuals or couples.

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