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Buying ED Medications Online


How to Buy

PDE5 inhibitors must be prescribed by a doctor.  The doctor will:

  • determine the likely cause of your erectile dysfunction
  • make sure that the medication will not impact pre-existing medical conditions (if any)
  • make sure that the medication will not have negative interactions with other drugs you may be taking
  • recommend the best medication or your needs

Once your doctor has written a prescription, it can be filled at a local pharmacy. Be sure to compare prices! The cost of the same prescription drug can vary by hundreds of dollars at different pharmacies, even within the same town

How to Find a Safe Online Pharmacy

Prescriptions may also be submitted to an online pharmacy, which may offer better prices.  However, there are many fraudulent pharmacies online, which may sell counterfeit drugs.  According to the FDA, 97% of online pharmacies reviewed by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy are not in compliance with U.S. pharmacy laws and practice standards1.

Many people in the United States now buy prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies. But bear in mind that many pharmacies claiming to be in Canada are not!

If you are looking for a trustworthy, US-based online pharmacy for purchasing ED medications, we recommend Roman.

(See our article “Roman for Online ED Medications.”)

Avoiding Unsafe or Fraudulent Pharmacies

  1. Check for logos indicating accreditation by LegitScript, Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS), Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), or URAC.  Click the logos to make sure they are actually linked to accreditation, and not just copied and pasted on a fraudulent website.
  2. Check official government registries to see in the pharmacy is listed.
  3. Avoid pharmacies that do not require a prescription!
  4. Check the website to be sure they list an actual street address somewhere on the website.
  5. Do not order from pharmacies outside of your own country.  Pharmacies that ship across international borders know that you have very little legal recourse if you have problems.
  6. Do not deal with pharmacies if their prices seem too good to be true.
  7. Do not deal with pharmacies that do not have a licensed pharmacist available to answer your questions, either by phone or online.

For the Tech-Savvy

You can find the IP address of a website by using a service such as

Then, find the location of the server by using a service like

You will find that many supposed US or Canadian pharmacies are actually in eastern Europe or Asia!

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