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Seeking a Director of Counselor Programs

We’re seeking a Director of Counselor Programs to join the ED Treatment Information Center ( team.

This is an unpaid position.

The person selected will gain increased visibility in the sex coaching community, and will gain an equity (ownership) share in the ED Treatment Information Center website. Our plan is to build into a major “destination website” which we will then sell in 3-5 years. During that time, we will strive to help men and couples dealing with ED by providing accurate, actionable information and resources.

This position is part time and may require a commitment of a few hours per month. It is a remote position (work from anywhere).

The ED Treatment Information Center is very proud to have been certified by the Health On the Net (HON) Foundation as complying with the HONcode…  a code of ethics that guides site managers in setting up a set of standards and mechanisms to provide quality, objective and transparent medical information tailored to the needs of the audience.

Please become familiar with our website and the information presented here before expressing an interest in this position. In particular, review our research on the impact of ED.


  • Actively promote the ED Treatment Information Center website and brand using website(s), blogs, podcasts, social media, personal contacts, or other channels.
  • Contribute relevant content to the website.
  • Participate in the ED Treatment Information Forum (currently in testing) and respond to questions.
  • Participate in occasional telephone conferences, and contribute ideas for improving the website and providing additional services.


  • Sex coaching certification through AASECT, Sex Coach University, Sexology Institute, Somatica Institute, Loveology University, or similar -or- a state-issued license as a therapist.
  • Strong knowledge of the causes, treatment, and impact of erectile dysfunction.
  • Experience coaching men and couples dealing with the impact of erectile dysfunction.


  • Ownership stake – up to 20%, vested month-to-month over a 4-year period.
  • Additional credibility in the counseling/coaching world as the Director of counselor programs for the ED Treatment Information Center.
  • Listing and bio on our Team page, along with a link to your own website.
  • Working with the company president, Robert Nicholson, you will learn techniques for web marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which you can use to boost your own business and website.


If you’re interested in this position, please fill out the application form below. If it looks like a good fit, I’ll contact you to schedule a conversation.

There is of course no obligation on your part.