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The Saga of the Rocket… I Mean Phoenix

Get the Phoenix for Erectile Dysfunction
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A lot of early Rocket purchasers have been frustrated and angry about delays in getting their product. Just to help understand what was going on, I’ve prepared a short summary of the events that delayed the product (which is now in stock and shipping):

  • Launch Medical, started by Dustin Wolff and Stephanie Wolff, started taking advance orders for the Rocket in Fall, 2019. They worked with an engineer, Jon Hoffman, who designed the device to match the performance specifications of expensive, in-clinic devices.
  • Based on testing with the prototypes, they made a few design changes to increase durability. That delayed production.
  • Then COVID hit! The factories in China (which are run by a US manufacturing company) were shut down.
  • Finally, after China got COVID more or less under control, the factories re-opened, and production started.
  • Then, the company behind the GAINSWave clinics sued Launch Medical over misusing trade secrets and insider information. They got an injunction to prevent Launch Medical from marketing, selling, or shipping the product.
  • The inventor, Jon Hoffman, got together with Jay Campbell and started a new company, called Scorched Bird. They relaunched the Rocket as the Phoenix, and started taking orders for the initial batch of devices produced in China.
  • Here is what seems unfair to many people: Scorched Bird was shipping units to new customers, while those who had been in the queue with Launch Medical got nothing. That’s because the court injunction prevented Launch Medical from shipping, or even sharing their customer list with the new company. But the product is real, and people have received them.
  • Launch Medical offered refunds to anyone who wanted. The new company, Scorched Bird, agreed to honor the original deals for any Rocket customer who ordered a Phoenix.
  • In early June, Launch Medical reached a Settlement with GAINSWave, and was suddenly back in business! They have merged operations with Scorched Bird, so everybody who has ordered, through either company, should be getting the Phoenix as soon as it’s available.
  • By June 24, Launch Medical had some units in stock and had started shipping again
  • As of mid-July, the company has largely caught up with back orders and seems to be shipping quickly (see our video, Unboxing the Phoenix).

If You Ordered a Rocket from Launch Medical

Anyone who has not heard from Launch Medical about their Rocket can contact them at

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