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Testosterone Supplement Claims Mostly False


A recent study1 reviewed claims made for fifty popular “testosterone boosting” supplements. The authors found the claims made for the products to be unproven and mostly false.

The study found the following claims made for the supplements:

Boost testosterone90%
Improve libido50%
Make men “feel stronger”48%
Build body mass62%
Increase energy30%
Burn fat28%

The study found that only 12% of the products contained any ingredients that had been linked to improved testosterone in human trails, and almost half (48%) contained ingredients that have been linked to negative side effects.

Many of the supplements contained levels of vitamins and minerals far in excess of recommended daily allowances.

Note that over-the-counter supplements should not be confused with FDA-approved testosterone replacement therapies.


  1. Clemesha, Chase G; Thaker, Hatim; Samplaski, Mary K. “‘Testosterone Boosting’ Supplements Composition and Claims Are not Supported by the Academic Literature.” World Journal of Men’s Health. June 2019, 37:e34.

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