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Study of Willingness to Seek Help for Erectile Dysfunction


In November, 2021, the ED Treatment Information Center completed a detailed survey on the willingness of men to seek help for Erectile Dysfunction.  The results of that survey are now available for download.


A survey of 287 adult men suffering from erectile dysfunction was conducted to determine:

  • The likelihood of men seeking help from a doctor.
  • The factors that influenced their willingness to seek help, and
  • Their satisfaction with their subsequent treatment


A large number of men – more than a third – did not talk to their doctor about their erectile dysfunction. The most common reason was embarrassment.

Men were more likely to seek treatment if they were aware that ED could be a symptom of a serious underlying medical condition. This indicates an opportunity for education to increase the likelihood of men seeking help for erectile dysfunction.

In general men were not well satisfied with the ED treatments they had tried. Men who had received treatment from a doctor were slightly more satisfied than men who had attempted treatment on their own.

Download the Complete Paper

Download Press Release (PDF)      Download Survey Results (PDF)

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