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Rocket: At-Home Shockwave Therapy for ED


The Phoenix – formerly called the Rocket – is an inexpensive device that offers at-home treatment for erectile dysfunction, using Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (LI-ESWT, or “shockwave therapy”).

In April 2020, the Rocket was removed for the market due to a legal dispute with Sexual MD Solutions LLC (owners of the GAINSWave® brand of shockwave therapy). The dispute has now been resolved, and the Rocket is now back on the market under a new name, the Phoenix! (Read our article on the Phoenix home shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction for more information on the device and how to order it.)

In April 2020, Sexual MD Solutions LLC (owners of the GAINSWave® brand of shockwave therapy), obtained an injunction preventing the marketing of the Rocket.

There is a lot of confusion about what this lawsuit means, so we’re going to try to “decode” it for you.

  • This is not a patent lawsuit. The Rocket does not violate any patents.
  • Allegedly, Dustin Wolff and Stephanie Wolff (the people who launched the Rocket) had access to marketing materials and information owned by Sexual MD Solutions LLC, and allegedly used this information to “unfairly compete” with the GAINSWave clinics.
  • Sexual MD Solutions LLC has obtained an injunction to prevent the Wolff’s and their associates form marketing or selling the Rocket.

You can download and read the full legal request for injunction.

The dispute was resolved in June, 2020. Launch Medical will now be selling the Rocket under its new name, the Phoenix.

What This Means for You

Get the Phoenix for Erectile Dysfunction
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If you had previously ordered the Rocket, you should have received a Phoenix from Launch Medical. If you have not heard from the company, contact them at; include your original order confirmation email.

If you’re a new customer, and you’d like to order the Phoenix, click the ad on the right.

Additional Information

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