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RestoreX Penile Traction Therapy – Review


Peyronie’s Disease (PD) is a condition which produces scar tissue within the penis. This in turn can can cause curved, painful erections, loss of penis length, difficulty ejaculating, and difficulty urinating. Treatments for PD include drugs, shockwave therapy, and surgery.

In several clinical studies1 2, doctors have used penile traction therapy (PTT) devices to attempt to straighten the curvature of the penis and restore lost length to men with Peyronie’s Disease. (Separate studies3 4 have found that penile traction devices can increase penis length among men in general.)

The traction devices used in these studies were uncomfortable and difficult to adjust. The protocols required subjects to wear the traction devices for several hours each day, over a period of several months. As a result, few subjects completed the treatment programs.

The RestoreX® penile traction therapy device was developed by a board-certified urologist specializing in Men’s Sexual Health, in cooperation with the Mayo Clinic, to address these issues.

To improve the comfort of the device, the company designed a new clamp to spread the pressure evenly over the head of the penis, and a larger pelvic ring to disperse forces over a greater area for enhanced comfort.

The device also features an innovative adjustable tension system.  The ability to add length and thereby tension while the device is worn is critically important to accommodate the tissue stretch that occurs during the first few minutes of the 30-minute treatment time.  As the tissue stretches, also called stretch relaxation, RestoreX can be adjusted while worn to maintain the required level of traction.  

RestoreX Clinical Results

As a result of these innovations, doctors have been able to reduce treatment time to two 30-minute sessions per day. Clinical studies5 6 of treatment programs for patients with Peyronie’s Disease – over periods of three months and six months – found significant reduction in curvature and increase of penis length.

Results of a three-month treatment study, reported on the company’s website, found:

  • A 28% reduction in curvature
  • A 1.6 cm increase in penis length
  • A 4.3 point improvement in IETF scores for men in the trial that had an overall IIEF score of less than 25 (some amount of erectile dysfunction).

Researchers have also reported significant improvements in penis length and erectile function in post-prostatectomy men7.


The design innovations in the RestoreX traction device offer significant improvements in user comfort and in treatment effectiveness. The effectiveness of the device in treating post-prostatectomy patients and Peyronie’s Disease patients is well documented in a number of clinical studies.

The device sells for $525, and is FSA/HSA eligible with a prescription.

For more information on the RestoreX, visit

RestoreX is a registered trademark of PathRight Medical Inc.


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