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Penomet – Can You Believe the Claims?


On February 19, 2020, the following message was submitted on our website:

Hi there,

My name is David of Arctic Sea, the manufacturer of Penomet.

I recently visited your website and came across your content regarding penis pumps. I think this could be a great place for you to promote Penomet. 

Would you be interested in promoting one of the leading penis pumps on the market that currently has a 5% conversion rate?

We offer:
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If you have any questions, please reply to this email or just send me an email here:

Kind regards,
David C. Patrel

We had never heard of Penomet, so we decided to check out their website. We found that Penomet is a type of vacuum pump, but it’s filled with water rather than air. It’s similar to the Bathmate HydroXtreme, HydroMax, and other devices.

The website claims that using the device will increase penis length and girth – but as far as we could see, there is no evidence. So we replied by email to “David” and asked for links to clinical studies. We got no response to our emails.

We also tried asking the same question using the chat feature on the website. Despite repeated questions, the company did not provide any evidence that the device works. You can download the full transcript to see how they dodged the question.

Since we’ve gotten no evidence from the company to substantiate their claims, we’ve done our own evaluation.

How It Works

Water-filled pumps work on the same principle as air-based vacuum pumps. They reduce the pressure around the penis, which draws blood into the corpus cavernosum, producing an erection. (See our article, “How Do Erections Work?“)

The Penomet seems to be a very well-designed device. It has an accordion-like rubber gasket at one end of the plastic chamber. The chamber is filled with water, and placed over the penis. It can then be “pumped” with one hand, using the jerking motion that is familiar to all guys. Drawing it toward the body forces out water, moving the hand away from the body reduces the water pressure, creating the same effect as a vacuum pump. Penomet recommends sessions of 15-30 minutes minutes.

But Does It Work?

The company claims that their device produces substantial and permanent increases in penis size. Here are the claims from their website:

But the fact is, real scientific studies show that vacuum devices do not increase penis size1 2.

The claims made by Penomet are contradicted by scientific evidence.


Since the ED Treatment Information Center website is based on credible scientific evidence, we will not be joining the Penomet affiliate program.

Ironically, the Penomet looks like a well thought out product. It seems to be very easy to use. If it were not for the deceptive claims made on the website, we might have endorsed this product as a general vacuum erection device.


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