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How to Add a Listing

If you are a doctor, counselor, sex coach or therapist, and you treat erectile dysfunction or related conditions, you can add a listing on our site.

We currently accept listings in the United States and Canada only.

Please do not add listings if you are not a practitioner treating ED – the listing will not be approved.

To Get Started

  1. Use the Register page on the Members menu to create an account. The account can be used to add multiple listings (for example, a medical group administrator can add accounts for all of the group’s doctors).
  2. You will receive an e-mail to confirm your registration. After you have confirmed, you can use the Login page on the Members menu to log in.
  3. We have many basic listings, obtained from public sources, in our Doctor and Counselor directories.  You may already have a listing.
  4. After logging in, use the Find a Doctor or Find a Counselor pages on the Find Help menu to see if you are listed; if so, use the Claim This Listing link on the listing  to claim it.  You’ll need to wait a day or to for us to review your claim.  We will send you an email when it’s approved, and you can Login to edit and add to the listing.
  5. If you are not listed, use the Create a Listing button to add a new listing.