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Does Erectile Dysfunction Cause Your Penis to Shrink?


In many cases, yes.

Most cases of erectile dysfunction are due to poor blood flow. That means that the penis isn’t getting enough blood. The chambers in the corpus cavernosum that fill with blood during an erection shrink, so the penis becomes smaller in both its flaccid and erect states.

Some scientists speculate that this is the biological function of nocturnal erections: making sure that the penis gets a regular infusion of blood.

This shrinkage can be lessened and even reversed by using a vacuum erection device (penis pump) to draw blood into the penis1.

This requires regular daily use of the pump; ideally, two 15-20 minute sessions per day.

Men often complain that their erection is smaller after penile implant surgery. This is actually due to shrinkage that occurs before the implant. Many surgeons now recommend using a penis pump for a month prior to the surgery to restore length and improve the overall health of the tissues in the penis (which has the added benefit of promoting healing after the surgery).

It’s important to realize that penis size really doesn’t matter very much for the sexual satisfaction of men or their partners. (See our article on Penis Size.)

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