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Are You Too Young to Have ED?


Erectile Dysfunction is typically thought of as a conditioning affecting older men. Typical patients are in their 40s, 50s, or older.

But increasingly, doctors are reporting younger men with symptoms of ED.

A 2013 study1 found that 1/4 of newly diagnosed ED patients were under the age of 40.

Age Distribution in Survey of ED Patients

A survey conducted in 20182 showed a small but noticeable cluster of ED patients in their late 20s.

If anything, erectile dysfunction among younger men may be under reported, because young men are less likely to seek medical help for their condition.

Causes of ED Among Younger Men

The most frequent causes of erectile dysfunction among younger men and psychological, and include stress, anxiety, relationship issues. Many psychologists believe that the increased rate of ED among younger men may be caused by frequent viewing of pornography, which may desensitize men to normal sexual contact.

However, it’s important that doctors not overlook potential physical causes. A 2015 study3 found that 15-20% of young men presenting with erectile dysfunction had an organic etiology .


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