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A New Device for Treating Premature Ejaculation


On The Doctors TV show, Dr. Aaron Spitz, a member of our advisory board, talks about a new device to treating PE. The device is placed against the penis, where is uses high-frequency vibrations to provide stimulation.

The principle relies on behavioral conditioning.  Men can achieve a similar effect by masturbating until they are close to ejaculation, and then stopping.  However, the high-speed vibrations produced by the device provide much more stimulation, making the conditioning faster and more effective.

A man can use the device to “train” himself not to ejaculate too quickly.  The training program takes six weeks.  Studies have shown that it is effective for about one in three men who experience PE.

Use of the device can be coupled with sex coaching or other forms of therapy.

The device, called the Prolong, costs $299.  The device and training program have been cleared by the FDA.  

See a video clip from The Doctors.

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